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  1. Copyright and trade marks
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  2. Disclaimer
    1. The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy, usefulness, certainty or other aspects of the Content (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) provided on this website. The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of the use of the Content.
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  3. Prohibited conduct
    In using this website, you are prohibited from engaging in the following acts:
    • Conduct which may be detrimental to the Memorial Hall or other third parties.
    • Libelous or damaging actions taken against Memorial Hall products or services as well as actions bearing the potential of the same.
    • Libelous or damaging actions taken against Memorial Hall officers and employees as well as actions bearing the potential of the same.
    • Conduct which offends or which may offend public order and morals, or denigrate the trust in or integrity of the Memorial Hall.
    • Criminal acts or actions, as well as those having the potential to lead to illegal behavior.
    • Conduct which violates or infringes upon applicable laws and regulations, or which has the potential of the same.
    • Misleading conduct implying that a cooperative relationship or partnership exists between the Memorial Hall and source sites, or which has the potential to imply the acknowledgment, guarantee, support or sponsorship of the same.
    • The use of frame links or link forms which might impair the clarity of this website.
  4. About Links
    Commercial, non-commercial, internet and intranet links to this website (as well as URLs to magazines, books and other publications on this site) may be created provided that the Terms of Use as stated within this website are observed.
    Please observe the rules stated within 'Section 4. Prohibited conduct'. It is not necessary to contact the Memorial Hall prior to linking to this website. (Links by third parties other than those contained in the Memorial Hall website stemming from its website or leading to it shall be referred to as "Linked Sites" hereinafter.) Linked Sites are operated and managed under the responsibility of their respective operators and are not under the management of the Memorial Hall. The terms of usage for the respective Linked Sites should be observed. The Memorial Hall will not assume responsibility for the content on the Linked Site or for any damages or liabilities arising from third party use of the same.
    The existence of links to this site or stemming from this site do not imply or represent the recognition, guarantee, support, or endorsement of any products, services or companies presented by the Linked Site by the Memorial Hall.

Compliance Rules

  1. No promises, either express or implied, are made to maintain the information or URLs contained in this site, and material may be modified, discontinued or deleted without prior notice.
  2. Linked Site administrators are responsible for fixing broken URL links and maintaining them on their respective sites.
  3. The Memorial Hall will not assume responsibility for damages arising from links to this site sustained by Linked Sites, their operators, website visitors or third parties.
  4. Links to pages on this site should include the 'Title' specified on the page.
  5. Linking to the website is not permitted in the following cases:
    • Where the website linking to this website libels or defames the Memorial Hall, its officers or employees.
    • Where the website linking to this website defames or denigrates our products or service.
    • Where the website linking to this website is deleterious to public order and morals, or could otherwise harm the trustworthiness or dignity of the Memorial Hall.
    • Where the website linking to this website is involved in criminal acts or potential criminal acts.
    • Where the website linking to this website is in violation of or infringes upon applicable laws and regulations.
  6. The deletion of links to this website will be requested in applicable cases.
  7. Privacy Policy
    he Memorial Hall recognizes the importance of personal information and has policies to protect private information protection.
    Private information gathered from site users will be used and managed in strict accordance with the Memorial Hall's privacy policies.
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    The use of this site as well as interpretation and management of the “Terms of Use” shall conform to Japanese laws unless stated otherwise.
    All disputes in relation to this website shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court as the court of first instance
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