The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall

Privacy Terms

  1. What is personal information?
    Personal information as used herein refers to information relating to a living person, including his or her address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, which can allow a certain individual to be identified.
  2. Collecting personal information
    When personal information is obtained, the purpose of its acquisition will be clearly displayed. Information will be obtained insofar as is necessary to achieve the declared purpose. In cases in which the Memorial Hall collects information from site users, the user will be required to deliberately provide (register) the information.
  3. Control of Personal information
    In order to secure the personal information we collect, we maintain internal rules concerning the protection of personal information and take all responsible steps to prevent disclosure, unauthorized access, and the alteration of personal information. Personal information that is no longer necessary will be disposed or deleted in a secure and timely fashion.
  4. Access Log
    Access to this website is recorded and the user's IP address, time of access and request content are saved to an access log file. The information collected is used to analyze usage trends and to improve our operation.